Day 5 Part 3: Dead Sea Scrolls

In the afternoon we went to the famous Israel museum and my grandpa was there too. First we took a picture in front of the place where the dead sea scrolls is. It is shaped like the lid of the jars where the scrolls were found. Then we saw a giant model of the old city and we were trying to find where we ate lunch for fun. Last we went to look at the dead sea scrolls and our guide Dikla told us a story about how they were found. Leading up to the scrolls were things that were found with it. When you get to the scrolls the first thing you see is it displayed in a torah handle. a

      Below it was the Aleppo Codex. In the book Adams brothers Haftorah were on the same page as one he recently recited.  

     Last we walked to dinner at Kinor Bakikar which means violin, and on the way we ran into two ladies that  31 years ago were at cantors congregation in Connecticut. Overall it was a very awesome experience.

Maya Markham

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