Day 5 Part 2: Mount Herzl

Following Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, we went to Theodore Hertzl’s grave. While at the grave, we had a little mini service where we heard Cantor’s story about his family during the Holocaust and then sang Hatikva. Singing Hatikva while overlooking Hertzl’s grave (The founder of modern Zionism and the visionary behind the state of Israel) and Jerusalem in the background was one of the most powerful moments I have ever experienced. Coming straight from learning about all of our peoples hurdles, it was the most amazing thing to see that we overcame! We are here! Despite all the challenges to take us down, we are here! Of all the hate in the world towards us, I am able to wear a kippah on my head in public and feel safe! WE ARE HERE! 

After that, on our bus ride back to the hotel, I noticed the shuk right outside and I wanted to go so I asked to be dropped off and the Cantor and Dikla said yes! Mom came with me and we had so much fun taking in all the scents and culture! We ate most of the same foods we ate the other day which were absolutely delicious. The most amazing thing happened, though, as we were walking down one of the aisles! We ran into one of my old camp tzevet sitting at one of the booths drinking coffee! It was so exciting to see her and I learned that the saying is right! “If you know one person in Israel, you will run into them when you’re here” – learned from Dikla, our tour guide. This was really so much fun and a great way to close our day before dinner! 

Written by: Adam Davis

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