Day 1: Exploration

After our two long flights we finally made it in Eretz Yisrael and we met up with our wonderful tour guide Dikla. When we got on the bus we went to Mount Scopus that looked over the new and old Jerusalem and it was a fantastic sight. While at Mount Scopus we sang Shehchiyanu and we did the blessing for the grape juice. After we relaxed for a while most of us went to Israel’s famous Aroma coffee house of which there are so many all over the country.
       In the evening we went to the Land of Genesis, Eretz Bereshet.  Abraham’s servant Eliezer give us instructions to get to ride camels. Adam and Aiden’s camel had to  go to the bathroom REALLY BAD! Hope tried to get on the camel, but the camel stood up when Hope was trying to get on. One of the workers tried to help but the camel absolutely refused to lay back down. When we got to Abraham’s tent Abraham was there to greet us. Once we got in his tent we sat at this low table as it was in those days. We also were given tunix to wear, that was period clothing. Once dinner was over we all took a pretty picture of the Judean mountians on top of Abraham’s cliff. It was a wonderful evening but we were glad to finally get to sleep.

Andy Davis and Caleb Smith

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