Day 6

Hello, and welcome back to the next edition of your favorite blog brought to you by your favorite duo, Miranda Hupp and Lexi Hendel. (Please hold your applause until the end) We would like to start from the beginning… We are not talking Adam and Eve but like 12:01AM, June 13, 2016. It all started in the Jersulem Tower hotel, we were all snuggled up in our comfy crusty bed when we were very rudely awoken by drunk partying Israelis just outside our hotel windows. You could only imagine how salty and frustrated we were because we were obviously trying to get a “good nights rest.” Eventually we fell back asleep in our nice crusty beds and were soon awoken once again by the obnoxious loud wake up call. Even though Lexi and I were not in the same room, we both answered the same way, with a spot on Indian accent and then promptly hanging up the phone and going back to bed. We all got up out of bed eventually and made our way downstairs for the… Interesting…. Breakfast choices.

After our breakfast we waddled out to the bus, never been happier to see it considering we have been walking everywhere since Friday. On our way to the aqueducts we made a stop to a historical statue of  the famous menorah infront of the Knesset, Israels parliament,   which held a myriad of different meanings and inscriptions including a famous sentence from the prophet Zachariah which amazingly is from my bat mitzvah. (Shoutout to Lexi’s Bat Mitzvah.)

Then we got on the bus again and drove to the ancient Roman aqueducts. Depending on your height, the aqueduct reached different points on ones body. For example if you are short like Miranda, Maddie, Carolyn, and the Shermans then the water went all the way up to mid stomach and we were swimming. However if you are tall like Sam or Alexa, then the water went up to the knees. One of the best memories at the aqueduct was Emmie screaming because a crab almost touched her, then Carolyn slipped and the crab fell on Asher’s foot. Overall the aqueduct was a blast.

We then got on the bus again and went to the ride donkeys and make our own pita in a replica of an ancient Israeli village. I would just like to add that Alexa and Miranda’s donkey named Vanilla was a mile behind the group the entire time… And Lexi and Maddie’s was always in first. (Lexi and Maddie are going to the national donkey competition!…)

Then we went shopping in the accent holy city of Tsfat way in the North of Israel in the Galilee and bought some souvenirs to take home with us. Upon arrival an old lady came up to Miranda and slapped her on the arm for an unknown reason. Most the girls bought jewelry and shirts and the boys bought gifts for their mothers or in Asher and Nathan’s case, Star of David underpants. We then made our way out of the twisty ally’s and the same angry old lady started cursing at Lexi, again for an unknown reasons. We then got back on the bus and drove to the Kibbutz. Maddie and Miranda came up with a new system called pre sleep because Emmie has a differing opinion on bedtime. At the Kibbutz we ate a delicious meal and enjoyed some quality time with our friends. A gorgeous location on beautiful Lake Kineret.

We would like to leave you with some memories and inside jokes we have made throughout the trip, most in which you will not understand until we come back.. But that’s okay..

1. Jewsus Christ whatta doin!?

2. Haha shut up margie its not funny..

3. More or less…

4. Wait, July’s a month??


6. I would like file a complaint

7. “Psst Miranda why is there two pumpkins behind us”

8. *leaves the apple juice in the room* *happy dance*

9. That nose blow sounded like a machine gun


Much love, lexi and miranda

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