Day 3 Part 2

After a long, scenic drive after the museum, we arrived at a gas station. We all had a healthy, if bad, lunch. There we met our archelogical guide, after a shot drive to the site we climbed off the buss into the blazing sun. Our sweaty exhausting walk ended at a cover where a cool breeze was coming from the ground. The guide then took us down into the ancient man made cave system to a breath of relief from all the hot kids. When we stopped in a spacious room in the cave the guide explained that this room was used to raise pigeons. After claiming out our eyes were met with the scorching sun after a dark cave, with the sun glancing off Mr. Kripeis head. We then walked to a different site where the guide explained that we would be digging for artifacts, at which point Ian’s eyes lit up. We spent a good thirty minuets scraping at the ground, pulling out pottery, charcoal, and even some bones. Then we carried buckets of dirt up to the surface where we sifted for smaller things at which point we found even more bones. Our day ended with us getting to pick out pieces of pottery that they didn’t need and each one of us getting a acheological dig certificate.

-Margaret Roberts

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