Day 3 Part 1

We started off the day by going to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum.  Before we entered the museum, we went down a ramp that led us down to the museum doors, which represented to me that we were going to a dark time in history.  The hallways in the museum zig zagged at an incline.  There were pictures of before, during, and after the Holocaust. Many artifacts were behind enclosed glass cases, such as the pajamas they wore in the concentration camps.  Videos were shown throughout each section about survivors telling about their personal story.

Going to Yad Vashem was emotional for me as it was for all of us because my great grandparents perished in the Holocaust, but my grandparents were Holocaust survivors.  Before we went out of the museum,  I saw a picture that caught my eye.  It showed survivors standing together in Israel in their concentration camp clothes holding the Israeli flag.  Cantor Lichterman told us a story about how he found out about his sister that he never knew about. Once we reached the end of the museum, we went up a ramp and it was a great relief for me as a Jew to see the beautiful scenery of modern rebuilt Jerusalem as our Jewish capital.

Lila Goldman

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