Day 1

Good morning!! After a long flight and seeing the gorgeous view of the city of Jerusalem we have a 6:30 am wake up call. Come get ready and eat your delicious breakfast, or in my case, some cereal and bread. Then it’s off to the old city. First stop: the western wall tunnels. It was amazing to learn the history behind the western wall and the landscape and geography of the holy city of Jerusalem. Afterwards, off to the western wall! It was such an emotional and amazing experience. I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to be on this wonderful trip. And the fun didn’t stop there, afterwards it was off to the City of David.

We changed into swimsuits and headed for the aqueduct and learned about the history of the old City of David, which was VERY interesting. Next up: water tunnels. The water tunnels were so exciting and such a great adventure. Walking through the aqueduct tunnels with the water was an amazing experience. At first the water immediately went up to our lower backs, or at least it did for me because everyone else is taller, and then it lowered to just above our ankles. The water may have been freezing but it felt so nice and refreshing after a long couple hours in the sun. Seeing the differences in how the tunnels were put together was mind blowing to see another form of architecture that’s different than our modern architecture back home. This trip is definitely everything I imagined it would be and its only Day 1. Oh, and my new favorite word thanks to our tour guide and Ben Yaffe: SABABA!! I’m so excited for the rest of this trip and to explore Israel. Masada, we’re coming for you next!!!

Submitted by,
Madison Smith
Oh, and I had my first successful conversation in Hebrew today!!!!
Now, some helpful and funny phrases from Lexi Hendel:

-“What’s a kaba?”-tour guide
-“Uh it’s obviously corn on the kaba!!!”-Lexi Hendel

-“What language do munks speak out of curiousity?”
-“Don’t they speak Munkian?”-Lexi Hendel

Day 1 Part 2

As an added surprise our tour guide, Yair, along with Cantor Lichterman and bus driver, Alex, brought us to an Arab market. The market reminded me of a flee market, it had many products, and lots of food. The first thing I bought at the market was an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) sweatshirt. I also got one for my brother, Josh. Soon after that we went to the shuk. The shuk is a Jewish market. At the shuk we had falafel for lunch, which everyone else said was amazing. Then after lunch, more shopping!! There was such a wide variety of products to choose from! I got a new case for my phone that looks like a bird with little ears or feathers at the top. After the shuk, it’s back to the Rabin Hostel for down time. During the down time everyone just hung out together. After our down time it’s off to dinner! For dinner we got to choose from a variety of foods such as: spaghetti, hot dogs, a salad bar, chicken schnitzel, rice, and rotisserie chicken. The dinner was very filling and delicious.

After dinner there was a meeting with Cantor Lichterman about the plans for tomorrow!! We have to get up at 2:00am to go to Masada!! So far Israel is all I thought it would be, plus more!! Well, I’m off to bed!! See you at 2:00am Masada!!! Good night!!

Submitted by,
Jamie Sherman

Some notes about our tour guide Yair:

-he plays guitar
-he’s 31 years old
-he was born in Israel but his mother was born in Chicago, Illinois and is of Italian and Libyan origin!!
-he loves to surf
-he was in the Israeli army
-but most importantly he knows so much and has so much to teach us about Israel!!

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